Does Siri have a catalog?
We do not provide a catalog; our website has the most updated information and most current pictures of our styles.
Can I order fabric swatches?
You may request complimentary swatches from the Siri Retail Store you are working with or when visiting the Siri Boutique. Otherwise, you may order swatches.  Please click to Swatch Order Form.
What if I do not have a store in my area?
If there are no stores in your area which carry Siri, you can place an order directly through Siri. Please click to Ordering.
How far in advance should I place my order?
The lead time for any garment is 12 weeks, plus 1-2 weeks for shipping. We suggest ordering at least 16 weeks before the wear date to allow enough time for alterations. Siri can rush the order but an additional charge will apply. Siri can rush the order to   be shipped in 8 weeks, 6 weeks, 4 weeks or 2 weeks but an additional charge will  apply.
How do I place an order?
Please refer to the Stores link at the top of our website to find a retailer in your area or go to Ordering.
Does Siri offer any discounts?
Bridal parties in the same fabric and color story with 3 or more bridesmaids receive a 10% discount or with 7 or more bridesmaids receive a 15% discount on each dress when ordered together.  Extra sashes are not discounted.  For any additional discounts, please see Promotions
Are there any additional costs that I should be aware of?
Additional costs are incurred for added straps, extra  sashes, extra length to a dress, gown or skirt, rush deliveries, alterations and shipping.
Can I buy extra sashes?
Yes, you can purchase extra sashes as options for bridesmaid dresses or for flower girls.  Go to our Sashes  Chart to find the styles and size options.
Can I buy extra fabric?
Yes, you may purchase fabric by the yard only if it goes  with an order.
Can I choose a contrasting color of my choice?
Yes, for all solid fabrics you can choose any color in the same fabric as the contrasting color. For embellished fabrics such as embroidered or patterned fabrics, the contrast is pre-determined.
Can I choose a contrasting color from another fabric?
For solid fabrics, the contrast color will always be made in  the same fabric. For embellished fabrics such as embroidered or patterned fabrics, the contrast is pre-determined.
What if I have bridesmaids all over the states/country?
You can direct them to the Siri Store listing;  however, we recommend that you work with one selected retailer so that all orders are placed together.  In this  way, if there are three or more bridesmaids in the party then the “bridesmaid  discount” can apply to all of the bridesmaids. Also, if the dresses are all the  same style, fabric and color, and your dresses are ordered together at one retailer, then the fabric dye-lots will all be the same. However, if there are  different styles in the bridal party then we cannot guarantee all dresses will be from the same dye-lot.
What if I have all different size girls in my party?
All garments come in sizes 2 through 20. Many styles also come in sizes 0, 22 and 24. There is an increase in price for sizes 18 – 24.  Please refer to the Measurement Chart.
What if my measurements are larger than your measurement chart?
Custom sizes can be ordered through a Siri Retail Store or at the Siri Boutique.
How do I pick the best size for me?
Siri does not customize dresses for the individual body. If you cannot visit one of our Retail Stores or are unable to come into the Siri Boutique to have your measurements taken by a sales representative, then please refer to Measurement Chart for details  on how to select a size.
Can I order a different size jacket and/or top than the dress or skirt?
Yes, you can select any size jacket and/or top to coordinate  with any dress, gown or skirt. Each can be ordered in its own size, fabric and  color.
What if I have a pregnant or post-pregnant bridesmaid?
For any questions concerning maternity sizes just go to our maternity  sizing chart.  Instead of guessing too far in  advance what size the expecting mother will be at the time of the wedding, Siri  maternity dresses can be ordered with just a 6-week delivery.  We recommend that the customer measure  herself or be measured 9-10 weeks before the wear date.  The extra 3-4 weeks allows for one week  shipping and 2-3 weeks for any alterations that may be necessary.  If there is a need to expedite the delivery,  Siri can rush the order to a 4-week delivery for an additional fee. Because maternity dresses  are ordered at a later time than the rest of a bridal party, the dye lot of the  maternity dress is not guaranteed to match the rest of the bridal party, but we  will try to match as best as possible.
How do I iron my dress?
All fabrics should be pressed with an iron on low  steam.  We do not recommend using a  steamer except for organza.  A steamer  should never be used on georgette or chiffon; these fabrics will shrink.
Where are the dresses made?
We takes pride that each Siri garment is made in our own South San  Francisco factory.
What makes Siri dresses more special than other dresses I’ve seen?
The Siri collection is made of the finest fabrics from  Italy, France, India and the United States.   Because all of our dresses are manufactured in our own factory, it  allows us to have complete control of the quality of the garment.  Many fabric options and color combinations  are available for each style to be produced as your own unique garment. We offer a custom  service for special sizes.  Rushes and  standard deliveries are shipped without delay. 
Can a picture of my wedding be added to Siri’s Gallery?
We will be delighted to have a picture of you or your bridal  party to be featured in our Gallery. Please send it to