PREPARING YOUR ORDER   Please view our listing of stores for a retailer located  near you.  If you find there is not a  Siri Retail Store in your area, you can e-mail your order to or fax your order to 650 872 1115.  For assistance you can phone Siri at  650 872 1100 to speak with a representative.

Begin by selecting the garment style, fabric,  and color and then proceed with the following steps.

Order a  fabric swatch You may request complimentary swatches from the Siri  Retail Store you are working with or when visiting the Siri BoutiqueIf you do not have a Siri retailer in your area and would like  to see the fabric and color, a 3”x 3” swatch can be ordered for $3.00 each.  Sales tax will apply if the swatch is mailed to a California address. Shipping will apply if you need faster service rather than standard US mail.  Please see our Swatch Order Form.

Get a Loaner – View a sample prior to ordering If you do not have a Siri retailer in your area and would like to see and/or  try on a Siri garment before ordering, Siri can send a sample if  available.  A $10 loan charge per garment ($25  for a bridal gown) plus ground shipping (or air shipping if requested) will be charged to your credit card.  The price of the garment(s) will be put on a HOLD on your credit card. When the garment is received back and if the  garment is returned in the same condition as when it was sent, then the price  of the garment only will be taken off of the Hold.   Each $10 loan charge can be applied to any one garment when the order is  placed.  Siri allows a maximum of 7 days  for transportation to you and a maximum of 7 days for transportation back to  Siri.  Once the garment is received, it must be returned within 2  days.  If the garment is not returned within 2 days, a $50 charge will be  charged to your credit card.  Please see our Sample Loaner Policy and Agreement.

Measurements and Sizing Siri dresses are not customized for the individual body. The fit of each Siri garment is based on  the Standard Size Chart showing measurements of the bust, ribcage (empire line), waist,  high hip and thigh/bottom.  These measurements are of the body not the  dress. You can have your measurements taken by a professional tailor or you can  measure yourself following the instructions on the  Standard Size Chart.

Compare your measurements to the Standard Size Chart and choose the size that is the largest of your five  measurements. An exception is that A-line skirt styles can accommodate larger  thigh/bottom (not high-hip) measurements.  If you have any doubt of what  size to select, a Siri consultant can help you determine the size to  order.  Lengths on tea and knee length  dresses vary by style.  Please see the style’s detail page for that style’s specific  length.  Because dresses are standard sizes per the measurement chart, you may need additional alterations to achieve a custom  fit.

All garments are produced in sizes 2 through 20. If the garment  is not produced in size 0, 22 or 24 or if your measurements are smaller or larger than the  standard size chart, Siri can make a custom pattern for you.  The  charge is determined by the style and measurements.  Please visit your  nearest Siri Retail Store or the Siri Boutique to order a special size. If you  are unable to visit a Siri retailer for a custom pattern order, please contact  a Siri consultant for a special pattern form and for pricing.  The customer is responsible for the accurate  measurements of the body and should expect that a fitting and alterations will  most likely be needed to be done by a local seamstress.

For maternity dresses, delivery is in just 6 weeks.   However, Siri recommends that the customer be measured 9 to 10 weeks before the  wear date to allow for shipping and any alterations that may be  necessary.  Siri also recommends ordering one size larger than the size  determined at ordering time to allow for growth in the next 9 to 10  weeks.  See the Maternity Size Chart.  These measurements are  of the body not the dress.

Siri offers a variety of high-end fabrics.  If you are ordering dresses  made from hand-woven silk Duppioni, silk Shantung or silk Taffeta, they may show some irregularities.  These characteristics of fine  silk yarn are unavoidable and often enhance the natural beauty of the fabrics  and should in no way be treated as defects.  Also, slight changes to  fabric dyes may occur at the fabric mill, resulting in different dye-lots and  which may vary from our color card and/or swatch you received.

Prices vary depending on the style, fabric and size. Dress prices begin at $220  and gowns begin at $280. Many styles can be produced in various fabrics and the  price depends on the fabric. Prices increase for sizes 18 and 20 and for sizes  22 and 24. For styles not produced in sizes 22 and 24 or if the measurements  require a larger size, a customer pattern can be made. Please call  650 872 1100 or e-mail for prices.

Additional length, added straps and extra sashes can be  ordered. Please see Extras.

Bridal parties in the same fabric and color story with 3 or more bridesmaids  receive a 10% discount on  each dress when ordered together from the same retailer or when ordered together directly from Siri.  Extra  sashes are not discounted.  For any additional discounts, please see Promotions.

Siri has many special occasion styles available for immediate shipping.  (See In Stock and Sale pages.)   However, due to the enormous selection of styles, fabrics, colors, and sizes that Siri offers, your selected garment(s) most likely will need to be special  ordered.  All special orders have a 12  week lead-time. If the garment is needed earlier than 12 weeks, Siri can rush the production to be shipped in 8 weeks, 6 weeks, 4 weeks or 2 weeks for a fee.  The fee is determined by the style and rush time.

Siri ships via UPS.  Each Order form has the shipping charges indicated.

Expedited shipping is available: 3-Day, 2-Day or Overnight via UPS.  The charge depends on the destination and will be determined at the  time of order.

For international shipping, Siri ships via United States  Postal Service to many countries around the world but the receiver is  responsible for the custom details and broker charges. Shipping costs begin at $40  for Canada and begin at $75 for all countries.


All Special Order sales are final.
For Regular & Sale Priced Items Purchased in the SHOP:
1. Returns or exchanges must be requested within 3 days of receiving the items.
2. A Return Authorization number will be provided by Siri for acceptance of any returns.
3. The Authorized Return Item must be post marked within 7 days from the date the item was received.
4. The merchandise must not be worn nor hang tags removed and must be returned in the same original condition.
5. Upon receipt of the merchandise, a refund of the item(s) will be given. Freight charges are non-refundable.

PLACING YOUR ORDER Order and Agreement Forms
Complete (please print) and sign the Order Form and  the Order Agreement.  The forms are to  be signed by the person responsible for payment.  (Links to all forms are at bottom of this page.)

For bridesmaid orders, the bride or party coordinator  must also complete the Bridesmaids List Form.   Bridesmaid party orders should be processed together so that any  applicable discount can be received by each bridesmaid.  A second benefit  to ordering all of the bridesmaid dresses together is that if all the dresses  are in the same style, fabric and color, then the dresses will be produced from  the same fabric dye-lot.

Full payment for your order is required for the order to be processed.   Siri accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover or a personal check. A $20 handling fee will be  incurred for all returned checks.  For  orders shipped to a California address or picked up at the Siri Boutique, a  sales tax of 9%  will be incurred.

Submit Your Order
Mail, scan/email or fax the Order Form(s), Order  Agreement form(s), and Bridesmaids List Form if applicable.

For bridesmaid orders, Siri will wait to receive from  each bridesmaid, the order form, the signed agreement form and their payment in  full before the order is processed.  The  bride or party coordinator can either:

  • Submit the Bridesmaids List Form so  that Siri knows who is in the party and then each bridesmaid needs to submit  her own order and agreement form; or
  • Collect all of the bridesmaid  orders and agreement forms and submit them all together along with the  Bridesmaids List Form.

Mail: Siri, 434 N Canal St. #15, South San Francisco, CA 94080
Fax: 650 872 1115
Phone:  650 872 1100

Because all dresses are made to order, once the order is received and paid in full, the order will be processed and all sales are final.

An order confirmation will be emailed back to the person who places the order, in the case of a bridal party that would be the bride or party coordinator. If you have not received a confirmation within 3 business days, please contact Siri immediately.  Please be sure to check your confirmation within 3 days of receipt to be sure all details are correct. After the 3 day review period, Siri cannot make any changes in the order.

In Stock Merchandise Order Form and Agreement
Sale Merchandise Order Form and Agreement
Special Order Form and Agreement
Bridesmaids Order Form and Agreement
Bridesmaids List Form
Sample Loaner Policy and Agreement
Swatch Order Form

Size Charts
Standard  Size Chart
Maternity  Size Chart
Extras:  (Extra Length, Straps and Sashes)